About us

Xtract is a claims platform that aggregates and visualises crash data for the auto-insurance industry.

We capture generic crash data at FNOL and deliver actionable insights to claim handlers enabling swift liability decision, fraud deflection and vehicle damage triage.


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Our mission

To transform how motor claims are processed by visualising crash data and incorporating it into the existing claims workflow to drive decision-making.

Xtract for your industry


Xtract empowers claims handlers by enabling them to:

- Identify liability
- Deflect fraud
- Speed-up claim processing
- Automate damage triage

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Our solution creates new revenue streams for our data-driven partners by enabling after-sales/claims-driven customers to extract more value out of their data.


Xtract protects fleets from fraudulent and contentious claims by providing un-biased, data-driven evidence to the motor incident.

Our process

Find out where Xtract creates value across the claim lifecycle. Click on a number below.

Our data abstraction layer captures data at the source to auto-populate a claim at the moment of impact.

We combine real-time crash data with historical vehicle parts data to deliver automated vehicle damage triage.

Powered by

By marrying real-world incident data with mapping software and real time weather reporting we deliver visual context to the incident - enabling a swift liability decision.

By providing factual context to the crash and supporting it with our unique insights, we enable the handler to identify and deflect fraud

Using Xtract’s interactive reporting tool the claims handler can assess and manage the claim all in one place and then delegate for subrogation through our secure sharing facility.

Faster Claim Processing

By auto-populating a claim at FNOL with telematics data the claims handler can quickly assess and assign a claim.

Lower Indemnity Spend

Through Xtract’s contextual insights, claims handlers can triage vehicle damage and determine driver and 3rd party liability in seconds.

Customer Satisfaction

By introducing un-biased data, claims handlers can assess a claim accurately and efficiently, bringing more transparency to the claims process for both the handler and the policy holder.

Deflect Fraud

By providing factual context to the incident claims handlers can quickly identify and deflect a fraudulent claim.

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