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A Game-Changing Partnership: AXA and Xtract Transform Motor Claims in Ireland

September 8, 2023

Almost a year ago, Xtract was announcing a new powerful partnership on LinkedIn:
“Drumroll please! We’re very excited to announce Xtract is now live with AXA Ireland.” (LinkedIn Sept 2022)
Today, we are very proud to say this collaboration is marking a significant milestone in the Irish InsurTech industry.

Xtract, founded by Michael Flanagan in 2017, emerged in Ireland with a mission to improve the
customer experience when reporting motor claims. Today, the company is positioned at the
forefront of revolutionising the insurance claims industry, propelling it towards a future marked by
enhanced safety, increased confidence in transportation, and a more connected world.

AXA customers using Xtract can easily report motor claims online with a seamless customer
journey. The platform automatically looks up weather conditions, can determine if the vehicle
needs to be repaired or replaced and then allows the customer to book in a repair at a convenient
garage, all from their smartphone.

For AXA’s claim handlers, they now have a modern platform to manage all motor claims. Handlers
are making data driven decisions, settling claims faster and ultimately providing a better customer

“Today’s highly competitive marketplace means insurers need to deploy
technology that allows them to proactively fulfil customer needs as simply as
possible. Our record on claims management is a strong one and we are confident
that Xtract’s proprietary platform will enhance that reputation even further.”
Pauline Calvert, Claims Director at AXA Ireland

Xtract Notify (FNOL solution), is fully integrated to AXA’s customer portal. Already, they are
seeing an outstanding 98% customer satisfaction score from their customers who have
reported claims via the Xtract system. This rate speaks volumes about the success of this
partnership. Customers value the convenience, speed, and transparency of the claims process,
strengthening their trust in AXA, Ireland’s largest insurer.

This partnership highlights the thriving InsurTech ecosystem in Ireland. AXA Ireland's
involvement in InsTech.ie and integration of Xtract’s solutions demonstrates the company's
commitment to embracing technological innovation and digital transformation. We can’t wait to
see what exciting developments lie ahead!

Credit: InsTech.ie