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Xtract wins Knowledge Transfer Ireland Award

May 1, 2018
Xtract Win Knowledge Transfer Ireland Award


Xtract are delighted to announce that University of Limerick, Kevin Brosnan and Xtract have been awarded the Knowledge Transfer Ireland award for the development of the algorithms that underpin Xtract’s platform. Kevin, Ireland’s Data Scientist of the year 2016 worked alongside us to build the foundations of Xtract’s algorithms. This enabled the re-creation of vehicle trajectory, detection of impact zones, identification of ABC (Acceleration, Braking, Cornering) and the severity of the incident (G-forces).

See Irish Times and Irish Research Council for the write up!

We are honoured to be recognised and we’d like to take the opportunity to commend University of Limerick, specifically Sinead Burke and Kevin Brosnan for the facilitation and execution of this project.

Thanks to all involved for a great event!