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We Are Xtract

April 16, 2018

What if you could use data taken from a car
crash to help process a motor claim?

This is the question
we asked ourselves in 2017 in the wake of Ireland’s motor insurance crisis.....


From what we could see, the industry was crying out for a solution to its problems. There was very
little factual evidence behind a crash, most of it was biased. This was
leading to some very avoidable frictional costs associated with processing
claims and an unnecessary indemnity spend on liability and


From our deep knowledge of vehicle telematics space we saw an opportunity to change this by
introducing crash data into the claim workflow. Our vision was to extract data
at the source, analyse it and visualise it for a claim handler, all in
real-time. The thinking was, that by extracting the data we could extract value
for the claim handler by delivering them with actionable insights into the
motor incident at the moment of impact. This ultimately speeds up the claim process, allowing accurate liability identification and fraud detection, in turn, eliminating significant costs from the claim.


Since then, we’ve been
quietly building the platform alongside some of the best and brightest in Data
Science and Physics across the UK and Ireland. We are also honoured to be
nominated for an award on the 26th of this month through

Xtract's hardware agnostic
platform takes raw crash data, aggregates it and visualises it at the
moment of impact. 

For those that know us, we’re very thankful for your support. And for those who don’t know us, we look forward to getting in touch. if you're interested
in seeing us, we’ll be unveiling our product at

There are still

In the meantime please
check out our website for more information at:


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